How To Measure For a Belt

January 15, 2021

How To Measure For a Belt

Figuring out what size belt what you need can be a little bit confusing these days. Different brands have different systems of measuring and pant sizes can be labelled for vanity reasons rather than an actual measurements.

To help navigate all the confusion there are three ways we would suggest measuring for a belt so you can get it right.

1.  Measure an existing belt.   Take a measuring tape and measure from the hole on the existing belt that gets used and measure to the point on the buckle where the buckle tongue (the flippy part) contacts the buckle when it's closed.  See the diagram.  This measurement (in inches) will be the belt size you need.

2. Take a flexible measuring tape or just a string and put it through the belt loops on your pants, mark the point where it overlaps, then measure that length. 

3. If you can't actually take a real measurement (which is always the best way) you can go by the general rule that a belt should be bought 2" larger than your pant waist size.  So if you wear a 34" pant, you should buy a 36" belt.  This generally works, but is far less accurate than actually measuring and can be thrown off by vanity sized pants.

Hope this helps.


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