Wellington Tote (Navy & Russet)

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  • After many months of design and development Wilboro is pleased to release the “Wellington Tote”

    The perfect blend of timeless style and durability, just as at home on a day at the beach as it would be in use on your daily commute.

    When developing these bags we put our first prototypes in the hands of some hard working Moms to give real-world feedback on daily use. That feedback led to a number of design revisions and some additional features that we feel confident have made the Wellington the perfect daily Tote.


    The Totes feature two external pockets on one side, which are great for wallets, phones and water bottles.

    The opposite side has one large pocket with a snap closure, perfect for magazines, books and many other items.

    Internally the tote has one pocket with a robust brass YKK zipper to house your most secure valuables, keys and the like.

    The top of tote can be snapped closed in three positions or left open depending on the fullness of your bag. This is accomplished through the use of a Leather closure tab with heavy-duty brass snaps.

    The tote also features a double bottom and rounded lower corners for a long-wearing life.

    Premium Leather handles are affixed to the fabric with matching leather anchor points, with Solid brass hardware.

    During our testing period it was noted that those under 5’ 5” had a preference for a slightly shorter handle option. This makes the bag more comfortable to wear on one's shoulder.  As well, it prevented it from making contact with the ground when holding the tote in one's hand.

    To that end we are happy to offer two handle lengths at no additional charge. We recommend the short handle for those 5’ 5” and the Standard length handle for those taller than 5’ 5”. To get a better idea of handle length differences please refer to the images provided.

    Please Specify if you prefer a short handle in the order notes field during checkout otherwise we will default to the standard (longer handle length)

    We are also offering a Monogram service where we can add up to 3 Letters/Numbers. The monogram will be set on the outside of the snap tab, which doesn’t have the Wilboro logo. Again see photos for examples.

    Monogram cost adds $15 per item and will take us an extra few days to prepare the bag for shipping.

    Please add the 3 Letters/Numbers you would like in the order notes field during checkout.

Timeless Style and Durability For Everyday Life