The Scout

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This mid-sized field bag is the culmination of years of prototypes, and fabrication experiments.

It's constructed of Wickett and Craig Natural leather, which will take on a nice warm tan colour over time and and from exposure to the sun.  It's accented with heavy 18oz twill waxed canvas and brass and copper hardware. 

The bottom of the bag is fully formed on a wood mould, the idea being there are no sharp corners or seams that can prematurely wear and fail. 

The bag closure system is inspired by vintage bank and military bags and cases.  It's easy open and close and is extremely durable.

Size: 16"W x 12"H x 5"D

Material: Bag: Wickett and Craig Natural leather, twill waxed canvas and copper hardware

Additional Features:

  • The shoulder strap is attached by pivoting brass hardware and can be switched from a right to left shoulder carry.  The shoulder pad is lined with dense wool felt that will conform to your shoulder shape over time
  • There is also a removable stabilizer strap that can also be switch between sides depending on the shoulder strap placement
  • There is a front expandable bellows pocket, a rear flat pack pocket that has a flap closure, and an internal pocket for small items
  • The front main flap closure of the bag also features side gussets that greatly reduce the risk of any of the bags contents from spilling out while in use.  It would be unusual for anything fall out

Shop Notes: Due to the complexity of the design these  bags take many hours to complete, for that reason they are available only on a special order basis.  Please email for more details.


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